Judah Pollack is a writer, speaker and coach specializing in the art of leadership in a rapidly changing world. He has been working with Jungian psychology and the concepts of type, archetype and soul to create more self aware leaders. He has worked with the US Army, Google, The New York Times, and Startx of Stanford University and is a regular lecturer at Haas School of Business. He is the co-author of The Chaos Imperative, released this August from Random House. The book is about how the complexity in disorder can help with innovation. He is currently working on a book for Penguin, working title, Wiring the Breakthrough Brain. His co-author is Olivia Fox Cabane, author of The Charisma Myth. In the new book we are exploring how systems and organizations can be more innovative. After studying the insight machinery of the brain we are looking to see if it is possible to biomimic the brains design in our organizations both formally and informally.


Allan Silva for the past twelve years Allan has been providing organizational development, leadership development and executive coaching to rapid growth organizations. With his breadth of expertise in systems and cultures, Allan knows how to influence on several levels at once to accelerate change initiatives to their tipping point. He holds graduate degrees in clinical psychology and neuroscience, and draws upon his executive experience to coach leaders, facilitate enterprise-wide change, and design cultures that learn, adapt, and innovate. Allan has consulted to many companies who stake their brand on innovation including Google and Lucasfilm.


Dov Pollack an expert transformational change executive with a history of building social networks of learning within organizations through the development of more effective leadership, greater trust, and increased performance. Dov believes passionately that how people work together in organizations will determine the future of the planet. Most recently Dov led the management of multiple projects to support the successful implementation of a new nationally recognized Accountable Care Organization (ACO). The ACO covers 40,000 members and was a partnership of Northern California's largest Independent Physician Association, third largest Health Plan, and largest not-for-profit hospital chain.

SAP America

“I hired Riverene to help me develop an approach to improving our team cohesion. The team was multi-cultural, multi-national, and each member was responsible for autonomous areas. The problem was that my team was not working well together amidst a very challenging environment and tough to meet deadlines and goals. Riverene applied the Myers-Briggs concepts by performing assessments on each member of my team. Riverene has a unique way of bringing life to the Myers-Briggs concepts and making them applicable to our current situation and challenges. Dov Pollack’s delivery of the material, facilitation of the team building exercise, and de-brief were ALL excellent. A number of team members came to me in the days since the training and are using the MBTI vocabulary and specifically called out the training that Riverene provided as useful and as an effective way for us to get to know one another better and be more open and honest in our relationships at work. It has been immensely helpful! I would recommend Riverene and Dov unconditionally.”

- Marco Aurelio, Vice President, SAP America